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How Can I Reveal A Hidden Element?

This is very helpful when an element is invisible or it has its Display Setting as None.
1. Go to the Navigator Panel and select the element you want to reveal.
2. Go to the Style Panel and change the Display Setting from None to Block.
5. That is all!

How Can I Create/Edit An Anchor Link?

An Anchor Link is very helpful when you want to link to a Section inside a page instead of jumping to another page.
1. Create a regular Link.
2. Create an Anchor Section. For this, select the element you want to anchor.
3. Enter a name on the ID field of that element

4. Select your link and on the Settings Panel and point it to the desired section.
5. That is all!


Chances are that you may want to change the color of the side menu icons.

Image Optimization

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